Mr. Kennedy and Beyond

12/07/2009 22:26

L: Hey Zeke, why did the WWE have to release Mr. Kennedy four days after his return?

Z: Don't ask me Luth, ask the guy who is in charge of the WWE!

L: Ok sorry, I have a question!!

Z: Is it about Mr. Kennedy?

L: Yeaaaa... NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Z: I heard you say yeaaaa!!!!

L: YOU CAN'T PROVE ANYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Z: You said yeaaaa....NO!!!!

L: Ok, maybe just a little bit!!!

Z: A little bit?

L: Yeah

Z: Not even close Luth!!!

L: It is so close!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Z: It's like traveling from California to Austria!!!

L: Wow, thats far away!!!!

Z: Yeah, I told ya!!!!!!

L: Ok you did!!!!!!


L: I need to go to the dentist, bye!!!

Z: Alright, now this time, don't whine!!!

L: Ok

Z: Bye!!!!

L: See ya!!!!!!!


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