Luther's armpit hair, Gordon

11/07/2009 11:21

Ok, how many of you have named your armpit hair?  Don't tell anyone, but I named mine Stevie!  He was such a cute little hair!!!!  Then his sister, Renee, was born.  Luther named his first hair Gordon.  Gordon was a very adorable armpit hair!  But, when Luther siad that he was afraid of the Tunnel of Terror and he found out that we were skating for my affection towards Olivia, he back down and we started wrestling.  Just like Luth said, "This time, it got ugly.... real ugly!!", he was right, I PUT OFF GORDON!!!!!!  He didn't skate with me, but when I didn't come out, he came in and helped me.  He thought we would die because of those mean dogs that took my pants off, but they were small puppies!!!!  I came out alive and Olivia, Luther, and I lived happily ever after!!!!!


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