Jon and Kate: Too Late

23/06/2009 18:12



L: Hey Zeke

Z: Yeah Luth

L: Did you hear about Jon & Kate Gosselin?

Z: Why yes I have Luth, they are getting a divorce!

L: I know, that is so sad, right?

Z: Oh, you know it man!!!  I wonder who will be keeping the kids?

L: If none of them wants them, we can be the pernament baby-sitters!!

Z: You know that a pernament baby-sitter is the parent, right?

L: Now, why did you have to ruin my moment!!!???

Z: Luth, this is serious, Jon and Kate are divorcing!!!

L: Yeah, I know!!!  I will bet you $20 that the kids are staying with Kate!!!

Z: Oh you are so on, I will bet you $20 and my cell phone that the kids will go to Jon!!!!

L: YOU ARE DEFINITELY ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Z: Remember that I will win!!!!!!

L: You have jokes!!!!!  Ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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