Hey by Luther (written by Zeke)

22/06/2009 17:29


Hello this is Zeke (again).  Ok, from right now, Luther is going to tell me what to type!  Here we go: "Hey, this is Luther!  Man, do I love that video game I played in the hotel room!!!  I didn't know that Zeke was yelling my name when he got his toe in the faucet.  I thought that was funny!!!!!!  Hey this is Zeke, I thought it was funny when Luther couldn't turn his head!  Ok, here is Luther: He went to the jump the next day and little... little... Kennycoffee was there (he camped out the night before the jump)!!  Man do we love that kid!!!!!  He is our only fan!!!!  We jumped, we embarrassed ourselves, and ta-da!!!!  Ok that's all I had to say!!!!!  Bye peoples!!!!


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