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12/09/2009 11:33
L: Hey Zeke! Z: Hey Luth, what you are doing? L: Eating... Z: Eating... what?? L: McDONALDS!!!! Z: *gasp* L: WHAT?!?! Z: McDonalds will get you fat! L: I already am fat!! Z: You are not fat Luth!! L: :) THANKS!!!!!!! Z: Your welcome! L: I better finish eating, I'm watching Spongebob!! Z:...


12/09/2009 11:28
The producer of Zeke & Luther says that he is going to call former WWE Superstar, Jeff Hardy, and have him guest star on a new episode!  I am a huge wrestling fan and when I saw CM Punk beat Jeff on SmackDown, Luth and I almost cried!!  Anyway, we might have Jeff Hardy...

Former WWE Champion Jeff Hardy to guest star on a new episode of Zeke & Luther?

12/09/2009 11:25
It is said by the executives for Zeke & Luther that they are thinking about having former WWE Champion, Jeff Hardy, guest star on a new episode.  It is said to be unofficial, but Hardy might guest star on an all-new episode of Zeke & Luther!!


31/07/2009 00:27
  Ok, you know there is always the nerdy guy that is trying to be cool (not that I'm saying Ozzy is a nerd), but Ozzy joined our skate camp and he caused trouble.  We ran into a bush, I'm still itchy!!!  Ozzy is a nice guy, but how does his mom live with him???  I bet when he...

Donut Kids by Luther

31/07/2009 00:22
Hello, this is your friend, Luther Waffles!!  Ok, so a few weeks ago, Zeke and I were working for Don's Donuts by delivering donuts, but there were these 3 kids (the one with the deep voice was creepy) and they tricked me into giving them donuts.  The next time I work at Don's, I should...

Mr. Kennedy and Beyond

12/07/2009 22:26
L: Hey Zeke, why did the WWE have to release Mr. Kennedy four days after his return? Z: Don't ask me Luth, ask the guy who is in charge of the WWE! L: Ok sorry, I have a question!! Z: Is it about Mr. Kennedy? L: Yeaaaa... NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Z: I heard you say yeaaaa!!!! L: YOU CAN'T PROVE...

Luther's armpit hair, Gordon

11/07/2009 11:21
Ok, how many of you have named your armpit hair?  Don't tell anyone, but I named mine Stevie!  He was such a cute little hair!!!!  Then his sister, Renee, was born.  Luther named his first hair Gordon.  Gordon was a very adorable armpit hair!  But, when Luther siad...

Episode #3 on Disney XD

29/06/2009 19:00

Jon and Kate: Too Late

23/06/2009 18:12
    L: Hey Zeke Z: Yeah Luth L: Did you hear about Jon & Kate Gosselin? Z: Why yes I have Luth, they are getting a divorce! L: I know, that is so sad, right? Z: Oh, you know it man!!!  I wonder who will be keeping the kids? L: If none of them wants them, we can be the pernament...

Hey by Luther (written by Zeke)

22/06/2009 17:29
  Hello this is Zeke (again).  Ok, from right now, Luther is going to tell me what to type!  Here we go: "Hey, this is Luther!  Man, do I love that video game I played in the hotel room!!!  I didn't know that Zeke was yelling my name when he got his toe in the faucet. ...

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